Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reading Assignment #7

1.       I selected this paragraph because I saw lots of imagery in it. The author sort of paints a picture of the scene with his words. There is visual imagery and smells. It’s sort of a depressing picture painted but it appeals to me because the author used lots of descriptive imagery.
2.       The most common type of imagery seen in this quotation is probably visual. The author is very descriptive and helps you imagine what is happening in this scene.
3.       There is a lot of visual imagery but I think the best snippet of imagery would be in the last line;
“that grippy smell of Vicks Nose Drops all over the place”, this quotation really helps you imagine a smell. I think it is effective because Vicks is a very common and well known smell. It is also very strong and you can really imagine the strong smell of the nose drops in the room when you read this passage.
4.       Most of the imagery is this passage is negative. It sort of paints a sad picture, the way the author describes old Spencer through Holden’s eyes. It’s as if Holden feels bad for him. The author uses the words “sad old bathrobe” to describe what old Spencer is wearing which makes  you imagine a sort of depressing situation for Holden, sitting in this room with this old sick man.
5.       The mood created is sort of a depression. Holden is depressed by being in the same room with old Spencer for so long, smelling the Vicks Nose Drops and seeing him in his bathrobe. He also states that he doesn’t want to hang around there all day and you can tell he wants to get out.

6.       The purpose of this imagery is to help you understand Holden’s feelings towards old Spencer, you know that he likes him, but he also doesn’t really want to be around him for long. The scene described with the author’s imagery is slightly depressing, Holden feels bad for old Spencer but he also doesn’t want to stick around and watch him deteriorate.

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