Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quick Write: Robot

I think if I had my own robot I would probably want it to be able to talk and walk around. I'd want to be able to turn it off though. It would do lots of daily stuff for me like make my meals and clean my room and stuff like that. I wouldn't want it to be bigger then me. I'd like it to be somewhat intelligent so I could talk to it if I needed to. I wouldn't want it to leave my house, just do stuff around the house for me like chores and cleaning. 


  1. What kind of food would you want your robot to make for you?

  2. Good idea.. That would be really weird if it could leave the house hahaha.

    Could you imagine if it went crazy and evil? And then escaped the house and killed everyone in the city?

  3. I would definitely want to be able to talk to mine as well. Or have it be bigger than me. What would you talk to it about?

    1. I dunno exactly, like I wouldn't want to always have to talk to it (hence why I want to be able to turn it off), but if I was home alone it'd be nice to chat and have an intelligent conversation.