Sunday, 20 October 2013

15 Tweets

Staying trapped inside all day sucks #wannagetout #thissucks #ugh

Why does my dad always think he knows best #hedoesnt #why #soconfused

What's the point of all these shows anyways, and the fortune telling? Why can't he just tell me?!? #omg #frustrated

Practice, practice, practice...

Does he know he's the reason I cry every night? #neverlistens

Sometimes I just wish I still had my mother #whydidsheleave

He doesn't understand me... #alone

I met someone today, considering whether love at first sight is a real thing.

He gets me.

Don't know when I'll see him again but I hope it's soon. #inlove

This is crazy, why am I here? They're not gonna take me seriously.

They better give me a chance, I've been practicing for years.

He's looking at me funny... is there something on my face? In my teeth? On my dress?

I hope I dressed appropriately, I just wanted to stand out.

Nailed it. #ohyeah

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