Thursday, 19 September 2013

What I'm Listening to

What I'm listening to lately,
-Kanye West's new Album Yeezus. I gotta say I'm not really a crazy Kanye fan but his new album's decent. It's got a really cool feel to it, almost tribal. There's actually sound clips of him screaming in the song Black Skinhead. Some of his lyrics are questionable (below is the radio edit) but you can't deny that this song is catchy,
-Miley Cyrus' new song Wrecking Ball, I must confess I actually quite enjoy "Miley 2.0". To be honest I think her music is really fun to listen to. The image shes portraying in her videos is..well..interesting, but everyone needs to just calm down. We've seen this before, it's new to her image but other singer/actresses have gone down this path before. She just wants attention, and shes getting it. Anyways, rant over. Point is I love this song.

-Belle and Sebastian's album, The Life Pursuit, came out in 2006. Nothing new but I seriously love these guys. All there music just has such a good feel. Put it on and you're immediately in a good mood. This is one of my favourites;
-The Cat Empire, a classic. I forgot about these guys for a while, just started listening to them again. I can't even pick one specific album or song they're all just so good. Their music just makes you wanna dance. The instrumental work is just awesome to listen to. Definitely check these guys out. 

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