Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Reading Survey

In general how do you feel about reading?
I’d say in general I feel that reading is a great thing. I wish that I read more but I get distracted easily. I think that spending one’s time reading instead of say, staring at a screen is far more productive. Reading exercises your imagination as well as teaches you things. I think it is important to find a type of reading material that interests you. I think that everyone can find pleasure in reading if they find the right material.
What is your goal as a reader for this semester?

My goal as a reader for this semester is to spend more time reading. Be it in class or at home. I want to get through as many books as possible. Last time I was in this class (grade 9) I remember I read a lot of books but since then I’ve only read what is necessary for school. I would like to spend more of my time in a good book instead of say, watching Netflix.
How do you decide which books you will read?

Personally when I choose a book it is very random, as I said, I don’t read in my own time very often, so I don’t have a favourite author or specific type of book. I will usually read the back of a book before reading it, but sometimes I just like the cover so I pick it up. My biggest issue with a book is when it has a slow start. I lose interest really fast if the author takes too long to get into the story. I don’t feel the need to finish every book I start; I’ll put it down if I’m bored.
When you read what happens inside your mind?

When I read I definitely get a vivid picture of the scenes in the books and how the characters should look. I like when authors are descriptive and use lots of imagery. Sometimes I really hate seeing books turned into movies because they never get it quite right! I love when a book can take me away as if I’m actually in the story itself. I think one’s imagination is a great tool when reading a good book.
Do you have a smart phone with internet access? Tell me about it.

I do indeed; I have an iPhone 4s which has internet access. I’m on a plan with MTS that gives me unlimited data so I use all the internet I want.
Do you have access to a laptop/tablet/iPad/iPod Touch that you could bring to class on a daily basis? Tell me about it.

I do have a laptop but unfortunately I cannot bring it too school. It’s shared and also has a really weak battery life.
Do you have an e-reader (kindle, kobo) or any other device you can e-read on?

I do not, nor do I plan on getting one.
Do you have a twitter feed? Tell me about it.
No I do not.
Do you have a blog? Tell me about it.
I do have an account on Tumblr but I rarely use it anymore and I mostly reposted. I didn't post much of my own stuff on it.
Discuss your interest in using/learning about any of these forms of technology in the course.
I'm interested in having my own blog and posting my work on it. I think it's a good idea.

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