Monday, 20 January 2014

The Buried Life

Authors Note:

My name is Bethany Rempel and I am 17 years old. This is a list of 50 things I would like to accomplish before I die. Some of the things on the list are easy and some are more difficult and might require some planning. But they are all things that I’ve always wanted to do. Life moves fast and we get caught up in the routine and the business of each day. Sometimes you have to stop and look around and ask yourself, is this really what I want to be doing? I think it’s important for people to get out; try something new, get out of their comfort zones and not just let life pass you by. So that is why I have written this bucket list. I want to accomplish these things before I die and live life to the fullest.

1. Meet my sponsor child
2. Get my black belt in Jui Jitsu
3. Start a journal
4. Dine and Dash
5. Meet my pen-pal
6. Go to Africa for missions
7. Swim with dolphins
8. Travel across Europe
9. Get matching tattoos with my best friend
10. Get a half-sleeve
11. Grow old with someone I love
12. Adopt a child from a different country
13. Live in a country long enough to learn the language fluently
14. Deliver Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes
15. Raise a puppy
16. Punch someone (with a justified reason of course)
17. Skinny Dip
18. Decorate an apartment/condo/house
19. Work up the guts to sky dive
20. Be a maid of honour
21. Get married
22. Ride an elephant
23. Go snorkeling
24. Learn to play guitar
25. Go to Cuba and learn to salsa dance
26. Meet Miley Cyrus
27. Start going to a yoga class
28. Longboard in British Columbia
29. Hug a lion
30. Go hiking on a mountain
31. Be part of a flash mob
32. Take a dance class
33. Learn how to sew
34. Shoot a gun
35. Learn how to do a trick on my longboard
36. Be in a photo-shoot
37. Fight in a tournament
38. See James Vincent in concert
39. Go on a cruise ship
40. See the pyramids
41. Pay for the person behind me at a drive thru
42. Go to a rave
43. Be in a New Girl episode
44. Graduate high school
45. Have my own horse
46. Get a job as a waitress
47. Learn to bartend
48. Learn how to dive
49. Learn how to do a handstand
50. Go to a bachelorette party

Now What:

I’ve always wanted to get my black belt in some kind of martial art. I took karate for 2 and a half years and got to my fourth belt but I didn’t really enjoy it because I felt I wasn’t learning anything that would actually help me in the real world, like self-defense. I stopped taking martial arts for about 2 years but I really missed fighting. Last year I joined Academy 64 which is a club that offers Muay Thai kick-boxing, Women’s MMA and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. I have my white belt and I have earned one stripe on it so far. It’s so going and it’s a big commitment. If I want to keep advancing in my belt then I have to make time to go at least twice a week. I also take the kick-boxing class which is great cardio and helps keep me in shape. I know how to strike and also grapple and I have been working hard the last year to get where I am now. Hopefully one day I will receive my black belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Social Fiction Project - "Bridezilla"

Created by: Michelle Zhou and Bethany Rempel

On twitter @domgibson1234


It finally happened – after 5 long years of dating, he popped the big question: Kaitlyn and Dom were officially engaged! The wedding was to be held on May 24 of 2014, so much to do yet so little time.


            With only 4 months left until the wedding, Kaitlyn was starting to stress out.

“Dom, there’s only a few months left and I haven’t even found my wedding dress! This is insane, the wedding will never be ready in time!” screamed Kaitlyn.

“Honey, it’ll be fine. We still have tons of time,” he replied calmly.

“Dom! Do you even know how hard it is to find the perfect wedding dress? DO YOU?!” she exclaimed as she flew around the kitchen like an uncaged bird.

“Kaitlyn, calm down… We can go dress shopping this afternoon if you’d like,” he said as he continued scrolling through his twitter feed.

“No, we have to go right now. If I don’t find a dress by the end of the day, I am going to lose my mind!”

            Dom rolled his eyes, HE was going to lose his mind by the end of the day. Kaitlyn grabbed the keys and off they went to David’s Bridal Shop.


“How about this one?” Dom said, holding up a very large, very poufy dress.

“That’s ugly, Dom.”

“Okay, uh, well how about this one?” he said as he grabbed another dress blindly off the rack.

“No, that is so tacky. It is not my style at all.” Kaitlyn sighed.

            After 3 hours and 2 more dress shops, Kaitlyn finally found the dress for her. It was a beautiful long, flowy white dress with a silk sash around the middle – extremely simple, yet elegant. It fit her like a glove, no alterations needed (what a miracle). Dom thought the worst of Kaitlyn’s bridezilla craziness was over, but boy was he wrong.


“Babe, we need to make confetti.” Kaitlyn said one early Saturday morning.

“Make? Why can’t we just buy it like every other normal couple?”
“Because I want it to be hand-cut into perfect right triangles, silly.”

“You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you are kidding.” Dom asked in disbelief.

“Of course I’m not kidding! You better get started if you want to finish it in time - we’re on a tight schedule now. Next are the handwritten wedding invitations and then you’ll be licking all the envelopes closed of course.”

            Dom couldn’t believe his ears, was this really the woman he asked to marry him? This woman was sounding a lot like one of those crazy bridezillas you see on TLC, but he gave her the benefit of the doubt and blamed it on the stress of the wedding.

{Four months later}

“I do,” said a teary-eyed Dom.
Kaitlyn was crying so hard, she practically had to spit the words out, “I.. I do..”

“You may kiss the bride!” said the pastor as he threw his hands up in celebration.

            Everyone cheered and Dom realized that yes, this was indeed the woman of his dreams and he was about to spend the rest of his life with her.

The end.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Dialogue and Non-Verbal Body Language

“I’m just saying, Dorothy, there are much more fantastical creatures in my life. I mean, the talking rabbit, the Cheshire cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,” Alice said, exasperated and waving her arms in the air.

Dorothy replied, “Well none of those even compare, I’ve met that rabbit; he is strange, and as for the cat, he gives me the creeps.” She shivered and shook her head.

“I fell down a giant rabbit hole! I grew hundreds of feet and then *snap* just like that I shrank to the size of a mouse! You’ve never experienced anything like that! Have you?” She yelled.

“Alice,” Dorothy said, “I was swept up in a wild storm and woke up in a different world. I've experienced just as much or more then you have. Besides, my story was a journey to help my friends. What did you accomplish? You were probably just dreaming the whole thing.”

“You wouldn’t have lasted a day in Wonderland! Okay? I’m just telling the truth,” she huffed, frustrated.
“Ha! Have you met the witched? I’m pretty sure I can handle anything you can,” She laughed.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” Alice rolled her eyes.

“Let’s just agree to disagree” Dorothy said reluctantly.

“I suppose we should,” Alice answered.

“Even though it’s clear my life is far more adventurous and exciting…” She mumbled under her breath, turning away from Alice.

Non-Verbal Body Language
Dialogue Tags

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reading Assignment #7

1.       I selected this paragraph because I saw lots of imagery in it. The author sort of paints a picture of the scene with his words. There is visual imagery and smells. It’s sort of a depressing picture painted but it appeals to me because the author used lots of descriptive imagery.
2.       The most common type of imagery seen in this quotation is probably visual. The author is very descriptive and helps you imagine what is happening in this scene.
3.       There is a lot of visual imagery but I think the best snippet of imagery would be in the last line;
“that grippy smell of Vicks Nose Drops all over the place”, this quotation really helps you imagine a smell. I think it is effective because Vicks is a very common and well known smell. It is also very strong and you can really imagine the strong smell of the nose drops in the room when you read this passage.
4.       Most of the imagery is this passage is negative. It sort of paints a sad picture, the way the author describes old Spencer through Holden’s eyes. It’s as if Holden feels bad for him. The author uses the words “sad old bathrobe” to describe what old Spencer is wearing which makes  you imagine a sort of depressing situation for Holden, sitting in this room with this old sick man.
5.       The mood created is sort of a depression. Holden is depressed by being in the same room with old Spencer for so long, smelling the Vicks Nose Drops and seeing him in his bathrobe. He also states that he doesn’t want to hang around there all day and you can tell he wants to get out.

6.       The purpose of this imagery is to help you understand Holden’s feelings towards old Spencer, you know that he likes him, but he also doesn’t really want to be around him for long. The scene described with the author’s imagery is slightly depressing, Holden feels bad for old Spencer but he also doesn’t want to stick around and watch him deteriorate.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

25 Tweets

Time to relax and enjoy a good book #pceout#relaxing

Seriously? ... Some people cannot take a hint #omg#effoff

Havin' a chill night with this guy #bros#chillin#bronight

This guy's the worst ... some people, #badvibes#getout

Man, give him a chance! What’d he ever do to you anyway? He’s always nice to you! #dontjudge

Yo, where my cigs at?

Keep track of your own crap! … On the dresser #jeez

What’s this kid doing in our room? Oh, also can you do my homework for me tonight?? (: #kthanks

I don’t even know, ugh all I want is to read my book. No guarantees.

The nerve of some people, as if I’m gonna do your homework while you blow it off to go on a date #ha#pfft#notachance

Told you he sucks. #justsayin

Piss off

Is it bad that I’m kinda jealous of him… I mean whatever, she can do what she wants

Who yah talkin’ about? What girl? Who is she?

Omg, go away. Don’t you have your own room? #getout

I feel bad for him I guess; maybe that’s why I let him stick around, #sigh

Woooo! Good night ;) If yah know what I mean heh. Did yah finish my homework?

Man.. just go away, I did your homework

I’m sleeping over, your roommates gone, right?

Aww maaannn I don’t wanna get in trouble.

I can’t even handle this guy anymore I just need to get out.

Why do I do this to myself, ugh my face won’t stop bleeding. #ouch

Does this make me look bada$$? … Or maybe it just looks like I got beat up really bad. #ugh#ohwell

Shouldn’t have beefed me man.

I just need to get outta this place.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quick Write: Imagery

You could feel it. The crisp, cool air. Autumn is here, or "Fall" as we like to call it up here. The others, they dread this time. They don't want to leave their comfortable lives up high in the trees,swaying in the wind. I'm not like them, I can't wait, I can almost taste the freedom. I love the way it looks, I can see others now, drifting down to Earth. Brilliant yellows, vibrant reds, burnt oranges and browns. Just a little longer now and I'll be set free. Into the world.